How to Update AppsManager 2.1

Step to update AppsManager 2.1
Apps Manager
Apps Manager

Created: 12/12/2022 10:44 AM - Updated: 12/12/2022 10:44 AM

Step 1:-

  • Take a backup of the full system a) AppsManager folder backup b) Database backup

Step 2:-

  • Update database
    • Copy all the queries from updatedatabase.txt
    • Fire query in a database
    • Check whether all the queries are run successfully or not. If you found any error then stopped updating and contact the system admin otherwise you can go ahead.

Step 3:-

  •     Update source code (Replace new source in given folder)
    • Create nmapm folder in AppsManager
    • Replace license file nmapm.apm in nmapm folder (Provided by Apps Manager)
    • api folder -> v1, v2, CronJob (3 folders)
    • replace assets folder
    • application -> config -> autoload.php, routes.php (2 files)
    • application -> controllers (all files)
    • application -> hooks (all files)
    • application -> libraries (all files)
    • application -> models (all files)
    • application -> views (all files)

step 4:-

  • Set cronjob in server

After All You need to Logout from the system and re Login in AppsManager 2.1

Note: Please keep in mind before starting the update take a full backup of the system. If any misbehavior happens in the system or data the case licensee will only be responsible. If any error comes while in updating and you want an update from system admin in that case revert all the things you change.

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